• Clean Room

  • Bags Sewing
  • Metal Detection
In addition to regular facilities, Buildmet Fibres have set up Clean Rooms which specially cater to the production of food-grade bags that require higher levels of care and the guarantee of zero-contamination.

We adhere to global standards, our clean rooms maintain stringently high hygiene and cleanliness levels during the manufacture and packing of food grade bags. In order to achieve this, our Clean rooms are equipped with:
  • Protection from Environmental dust during Fabric Making
  • Ultrasonic Cutting to eliminate fraying
  • Air Controlled Atmosphere under ISO Class 8 for Food grade FIBC production
  • Bags are safeguarded from touching the floor or any unsanitised surface
  • Heat - cut trimming for thread
  • Additional Light Table Inspection of FIBC
  • Air Wash at final stage
  • Passing of 100% of food grade bags through Metal Detector- sensitivity 1.8mm Fe, 2.5mm NFe and 3.0 mm SS
  • Stretch Wrapping for Bales
  • Personnel Hygiene Practices for all employees
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